Provably Fair - trust and reliability of online casinos

Despite the growing digital divide, online casino sites are not helplessly neglected. In the online casino business, there are methods of verifying the fairness of the parties launched. One of the most widely used is Provably Fair technology. Simply put, Provably Fair is a computer algorithm in games, the integrity of which can be analyzed and verified by users.

The Provably Fair, is a method of verification, which allows the casino and the player to be reassured that the game has been played correctly. This technology’s system is based on an algorithm that uses a function known as SHA256, also known as hash cryptography. It is said to originate from the NSA, the American security agency.

It is, in fact, a system that proves the regularity of the game. It reassures that gambling has allowed the casino, as well as the players, to have the same chances at a roll of the dice, for example. Indeed, the possibility for both parties to check the concordance of the algorithm leaves the forger with an almost non-existent margin of error since the system operators ensure that it is sufficient for a single character to be changed at the input so that the final figure provided by the server has a completely different form, a completely different composition, after the hashing process.

This algorithm is trustworthy because it allows the casino manager and the Bitcoin machine player to verify a game’s authenticity.

Even before the actual game starts:

  • The server creates a random sequence of data;
  • This sequence is then sent to the player installed on the machine;
  • When the player launches the game (roll dice, cut, pull the lever for the slot), he sends his random data sequence to the server;
  • Then, the computer uses the two sequences of data to form the result of the previously launched game;
  • After this step, the server’s data sequence is revealed to the player to allow him to check that the game has indeed been played fairly.

Each casino has a method for verifying the authenticity of a round. For example, in some Bitcoin casinos, you can verify the authenticity of a round by using open source algorithms chosen by the casino and entering the necessary information.

Other casinos have opted for a simple verification, reduced to the action of a single button. It should also be pointed out that each casino must publish the verification method it has adopted to benefit the players. This method prevents fraud on both sides of the Bitcoin machine.

It allows Bitcoin Online Casino, for example, to retrieve the player’s data stream and test it to ensure that the player’s data is correct and that they can win. A negative verdict will automatically mean that