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It is tough to put a cost on ensuring that your athletes are cared for. We recognize that sports can be very expensive and we’ve taken that into consideration. Our prices reflect the years of field experience each of our therapists has attained and the quality of service you will receive.   We’ve taken great care to research the cost off your organization hiring our therapists. Our rates are based upon other providers across Canada.

We base our coverage and cost on the type of sport and risk inherent in each sport (i.e. collision versus non-collision sports) and the length of time required for our therapists to be on-site.

Hourly rate: $30-$40.00/hour/therapist

Game rate: $75 -$120.00/game/therapist

Daily rate (based upon a 7 hour day): $120-$240.00/day/therapist

Tournament rate (prorated over a 3 day tournament): $360-$500.00/tournament/therapist.

We would be happy to provide supplies for the tournament if sufficient notice is provided (i.e. minimum 3 weeks), which would be an additional cost to your organization.

Give us a call for an estimate.

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